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Meera Industries Limited

Inviting you for a Splendid Career.

Being one of the fastest evolving company we are always in search of the enthusiastic, innovative, dynamic assets in form of an individual or a group which can contribute to the organization & the Industry providing the faster, customized solutions by the way of Knowledge, skills and experience.

We are always interested in potential candidates who are willing to grow and ready to accept the challenges in this evolution with us. We invite all globally to join us and be a part of this organization to provide the best that you have to offer.

Why to Join Us

"The biggest Asset that we have is our Employees" this is the belief we have which encourages the employees to showcase their caliber, potential and their skills which intern contributes to both- the growth of the Employees :- career wise as well as to their individuality. We believe in teamwork. All these aspects creates the positive working environment and stimulates each and every Employee to give their best.

We always welcome the suggestions and improvements as a team where each and every Individual is equally important in an organization which helps us developing ourselves in different aspects faster resulting into better service and the best solutions to the Industry that we serve. This boosts the growth of the company which ultimately contributes to the growth of the employee creating a loop.

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Sr. No. Categories of Opening Minimum Qualification Required Minimum Experience Required Additional Requirement
1. Sales - Manager M.B.A.-Sales & Marketing 2-3 years Should have good communication skills especially in English, Should have Commercial knowledge, ERP Operating Knowledge
2. Accounts-Executive B.Com 2-3 Years -
3. HR - Executive M.B.A.- HR 2-3 Years Should have Experience of Working in Payroll and Time Attendance Software, Good Communication Skills.

How to Join Us

Recruitment Process

  • General Phase
  • Aptitude
  • Group Discussion
  • Selection

Recruitment Time-Line

HR screens the incoming CVs in close cooperation with the hiring manager. After initial pre-screening suitable candidates will be invited for an interview.

The initial interview with the suitable candidates can be done via telephone. During the telephone screening, key aspects (unclear areas of the CV, possible gaps in employment, mobility / willingness to relocate, time availability / notice period, salary expectations, etc.) could be addressed.

The selected candidates are then scheduled for structured interviews (based on the Meera Industries Core Competencies) and / or testing sessions.

Reference Checking
Reference checking is an important step in validating a candidate's qualifications. In addition to the reference checking, a pre-employment background screening may be conducted.

Final Candidates
The final candidate is then invited to attend a final face-to-face interview with the hiring manager, 2nd level manager and / or the team.

Offer Preparation
When a final candidate is identified as suitable for the position, HR defines the specific offer in collaboration with the hiring manager. The offer is based on the current market data for the position as well as the compensation packages for comparable internal positions.

In some cases, a pre-employment medical examination will be required and assistance with relocation to the new workplace provided.

After the candidate returns the signed contract, he/she will be entered into the relevant HR system, and an onboarding program will be initiated. The hiring manager will play an important part in the new employee's integration process and in ensuring the new hire transitions successfully into Meera Industries.

Meera Industries adopts the practice of informing unsuccessful candidates of the selection decision.

Tips for Interviewing

The main purpose of the interview is to get to know each other and to find out whether you and Meera Industries are indeed a good match. We shall present our company to you, and explain in more detail about the position you have applied for including development perspectives. Of course we shall be pleased to answer your questions as well.

The following tips should help you to prepare for the interview.
Be prepared
Read and research as much as you can about Meera Industries as a company. Familiarize yourself with the tasks and responsibilities of the position you applied for. Be prepared to articulate why you are the right person for the role and how you might fit to the company.

Know the information stated in your CV / Resume. You should not be caught by surprise when asked anything about your CV / Resume.

Gather as much information as possible about the interview, such as date, time, location, duration as well as the participants of Meera Industries.

Be open, proactive and honest
We encourage you to actively participate in the interview. We want to know your ideas, interests and experiences.

The interview is a two way communication because you should make sure that Meera Industries is also the right employer for you. Prepare a list with all your questions that couldn't be answered during your research and bring them to the interview. Don't be afraid to ask questions about our organization, our clients, strategy, values, the opportunities we can offer and what you can expect from us.

Be yourself and relax
If you have prepared yourself, there is no reason to be nervous. Relax and remember that we are interested in the "real" you. Avoid over-rehearsing, as it may come across as "not being yourself". Be positive, be confident, smile and be yourself.

Be punctual
Arrive on time. Perhaps five to ten minutes before the scheduled interview. If you are running late, call your interviewer and explain why.

Be professional
Take pride in your presentation. Remember to dress for the occasion.

CV / Cover Letter

Your application is like an advertisement - it should inspire us to pick up the phone and ask you to come in for an interview. The complete application should consist of a motivational letter, CV / Resume and letters of references.

Motivation letter
In the motivation letter you should highlight key skills, background, experiences and competencies that make you the ideal candidate for the position. It should be specific to the position for which you are applying for. So, look carefully at the job ad for what we are looking for. Answer the following guiding questions in your letter:

Why are you interested in working with Meera Industries?

Why are you interested in the position and what your expectations are?

What makes you the ideal candidate for the position?

CV / Resume
Your CV / resume is the key to get to an interview. Your CV / Resume should be well structured, orderly, precise, complete and not too long. It highlights your education, qualification and work experience.

Make sure you cover the following information:
Personal information:
Include your name and contact details in the CV / Resume (e-mail, phone, residence address).

Work experience:
List your previous positions and duration of employment with each company. Also provide concise, important details on your accomplishments in the roles held and any impact your efforts had on your company/function.

Your CV / Resume should accurately reflect your academic achievements and accomplishments. Provide full names of the institutions attended, degrees conferred and final grades.

The font size of your resume and cover letter should be clearly legible and the overall formatting simple. Check carefully the text for phrasing and spelling mistakes.

Unsolicited Application

You do not find a present vacancy in our list, but would like to contribute to the exciting world of Meera Industries?

Please first read on our website about the specific Segment where your skills and aptitude would suit best and then apply through the identified link in our contact section.


New employee integration is a key part of our recruitment and selection process and typically last for a minimum period of 3 months.

The first day is a very important time as this is the time when you as a newcomer typically form a strong impression of the company's values. Therefore, we shall ensure that special attention and careful planning is given to the first day and beyond.

The induction process is a shared responsibility between your manager and HR; however your manager is the key person in this process.

Depending on Segment and location a "buddy" system will be utilized as a mentoring tool. The "buddy" is a person who will accompany you during the first steps of your integration. The "buddy" can be a colleague or an employee from the department. This "buddy" should be well-versed in the company / site and environment, internal practices and written as well as unwritten rules and regulations.

We believe that new employees can provide valuable feedback and / or observations during the introductory period, that can help us improve the way we manage our business. We therefore, have a process to formally collect this feedback and use it to improve our management system.

Performance management is an important process that helps translate company strategy and objectives into individual objectives. Therefore, you shall have an Objectives Setting discussion within 4-12 weeks of initial employment, with process reviews and feedback on your performance.

This process also includes transferees and newly promoted employees wherever practicable.