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Meera Industries, an ISO 9001 company has shaped itself with the changing era in the world of textile twisting technology and allied machineries. Adding to its speciality it conveys full satisfaction to its customer and ultimate users.

Competition in market makes one progress to its height, as with its innovative ideas and evoking depths, Meera industries aimed high in this field by developing TFO Twister-70 & 90 mm dia.spindle twister and Servo Type Cop Winder Machine". By offering intelligent solution to customers for the requirement of upcoming twisting technology, which has operational reliability, quality and economic efficiency. Through this obedience it thinks creatively for market & respectful customers.

Our constant in-house research and development made us expert in the yarn twisting world in a very modern way. At Meera Industries, our skilled engineers and technicians are upgrading the programs of product developments in new twisting process and analyzing clientele service.

Having the future with promising values, Meera Industries has achieved a strong foothold nationally & internationally to cater the need of variety of yarn processors of different class & choices.